What is laser cutting -
features and applications.

What is laser cutting - features and applications.

It is well known that technology has come a long way. We currently have special machines with software settings, so you don't need to use jigsaws or planes to cut, cut or machine anything. Laser processing of materials is the most modern method. What is laser cutting? How it works? You will learn from our article.

Laser Cutting: What's the Process?

This process is very simple and quick. It cuts sheets of various types,thicknesses and hardnesses. Can be laser cut:
• Metal;
• Plywood;
• Acrylic fiber;
• Different types;
• Plexiglass;
• MDF, Particle Board, etc.

How does metal laser cutting work?

Machines are project tailored and vary from machine to machine. The laser cuts the material with fine lines and precisely reproduces the required part profile. In this case, the thickness of the material does not matter. Lasers make it possible to quickly, efficiently and easily manufacture products with very complex shapes. Even a large number of parts and blanks can be produced in one or two shifts.

Where is laser cutting used?
Laser cutting has a wide range of applications. Products made using lasers are very popular in all spheres of human activity. However, this technique is used more in the advertising industry. signboards, signs, outdoor and indoor advertising of all kinds - all of which are difficult to produce without the use of a CNC laser machine. Souvenirs are also cut in the same way they are presented today.

Main advantages of sheet metal laser cutting.

Laser cutting of materials has a number of undeniable advantages:
• High performance.
• High precision contour without errors or defects.
Laser cutting saves material.
• The cost of this treatment is very affordable, popular and in demand.
• The disconnection is very fast and efficient, with minimal manual intervention.

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